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Registration for the Miss Insta Asia beauty contest

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Miss Insta Asia!
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The annual beauty contest with a total prize fund:
$ 45 000
Miss InstaForex 2024

Miss InstaForex is probably the most unusual beauty contest on the entire Internet. This is the most honest, transparent and fair beauty contest in the webspace!

All females are welcome to take part in the Miss InstaForex Contest.

To participate, follow a simple and plain registration on the website, upload at least 5 of your photos, and, if you wish, add a few sentences about yourself.

Ladies, take part in our contest and let the global Internet community know about you! Numerous pleasant surprises and the chance to win one of the big cash prizes are waiting for you.

Miss InstaForex 2024 rules

1. General terms and conditions

1.1. The international online contest Miss InstaForex (hereinafter - Contest) begins on October 1, 2023 and ends on October 1, 2024.

1.2. The Contest is arranged by InstaForex Group (hereinafter - Organizer).

1.3. The Contest is open to female participants who have reached 18 (hereinafter - Participants), regardless of the residence.

1.4. The Competition is held online.

1.5. The official website of the Competition: miss-instaforex-asia.com.

1.6. The Contest prize pool is $45,000[1]. It will be distributed among the winners in the following way:

  • 1st prize - $20,000
  • 2nd prize - $10,000
  • 3rd prize - $5,000
  • Forex Lady category - $5,000
  • Insta Choice category - $5,000

1.7. The Contestant agrees to:

  • an interview for the radio, TV and other media;
  • usage of her image (photos, etc.) by the Organizer for promotional purposes;
  • usage of her name, surname and social media pages can be used by the Organizer for advertising purposes without additional payment;
  • the condition that Organizer reserves the copyrights for advertising materials created using the items mentioned above.

2. Contest Registration

2.1. The application form for participation is filed out on the Contest official website.

2.2. The registration period is from October 1, 2023 to September 1, 2024. The contestants may sign up during the official term of the Contest.

2.3. The Organizer of the Competition reserves the right to deny participation to a contender without explaining the reasons.

2.4. The winners of the previous seasons of the Contest shall not be allowed to participate and vote in the Miss InstaForex 2022 Contest.

2.5. The Organizer reserves the right to change the conditions and rules of the Contest. Information on the changes will be published in the News section of the Contest official website.

2.6. The Organizer reserves the right to request a copy of the Contestant`s identity document with the photo, name, surname and date of birth.

3. Profile requirements

3.1. A profile should contain the full name of the Participant.

3.2. The photos sent to the Contest must comply with the following requirements:

  • There must be at least 5 different photos in the profile.
  • Accepted file types are jpg, jpeg, gif, and png.
  • Photo`s width and height must be no less than 500 pixels and no more than 3,000 pixels.
  • The size of the photo must not exceed 2 MB.
  • The photo must not be a shot of one`s reflection in the mirror or a selfie.
  • The face must be seen clearly and directed towards the camera lens.
  • The photo must be of high quality.
  • It is impermissible to upload collages.
  • Erotic photos are forbidden.
  • It is impermissible to edit the photo using graphic editing software.
  • It is forbidden to send the photos containing the logo of the external resources (social networks, photo studios, photographers, trademarks etc.), as well as other external notes (date of the photo etc.).
  • The photo must only contain the image of the Contestant without any other person(s).

The photos can be replaced during the Contest on the condition the Contestant follows the rules of posting her photos.

3.3. The Contestant is obliged to fill in all the fields of the form. Profiles with blank fields will not be allowed to participate in the Contest.

3.4. It is prohibited to create more than one profile for one contestant and register profiles for another person.

3.5. A contestants` profiles will be uploaded on the Contest website after it is approved by the moderator.

3.6. The Organizer reserves the right to reject the Contestants` photos without explaining any reasons.

4. Voting

4.1. The voting starts when the profile appears on the website of the Contest and continues till the end of the Contest. The website user, who has a trading account attached to the user`s profile, has a right to vote for any number of Contestants. There are no limits to the number of votes a day. The website user, who does not have InstaForex live accounts, may vote no more than three times per day.

4.2. The weight of each user`s vote is equivalent to 10 points. To increase the weight of the vote, users need to attach an InstaForex live account to the profile. In this case, the weight of the user`s vote will be increased proportionally to the amount of the deposit. If a balance of a trading account is less than $200, the weight of one vote will equal 20 points. If the balance exceeds $200, the weight of a vote will be calculated according to the formula: account balance in USD/10. Regardless of the PAMM trader`s account balance, running over $10,000, the vote weight shall be calculated according to the following formula: $10,000/10. If the account balance is reducing, the user`s vote weight (including the votes that have been already recorded) declines in proportion to the withdrawn/lost amount.

4.3. A Contestant cannot vote for herself having registered as a user.

5. Winners determination

5.1. The winners of the Contest are determined by transparent internet voting among the visitors of the Contest website.

5.2. The winners in the Forex Lady and Insta Choice nominations are determined by the Contest Jury.

5.3. It is prohibited to use unfair methods to increase a Contestant`s rating. Such methods include prepaid tasks on specialized websites, registration of several accounts from one computer, and others. In case such violations that generate fake votes are detected, the rating of the Contestant will be set to zero, or the Contestant will be disqualified. For the time of the investigation, the Contestant`s profile will be blocked.

5.4. The Company may request a Contestant to provide information about the resources she promotes her webpage on. In case there is no reply, the Organizer reserves the right to block the Contestant`s profile.

5.5. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the Contestant during the Contest or after it has finished without explaining the reasons.

6. Award procedure

6.1. The results of the Contest are published on the Contest website within 30 days after the internet voting is finished.

6.2. The Award Ceremony will take place online. (The Organizer reserves the right to change the awarding format by notifying the Contestants in advance).

6.3. The Winners must fulfil the conditions mentioned in paragraph 6.4 of these rules in order to receive the prize. In case the Winner refuses to fulfil the conditions, the nomination will be granted to the next Participant by the rating.

6.4. In order to receive the prize, the Winners agree to organize a winning photoshoot and provide the materials to the Organizer electronically within 30 calendar days after receiving the details from the Organizer.

The requirements for the photoshoot are sent to each winner by email.

6.5. The Organizer provides branded accessories for the photoshoot by sending them via post to each Winner.

6.6. The Organizer compensates for expenses of organizing the photoshoot, which may include:

  • hairdresser`s services;
  • make-up artist`s services;
  • the services of a photographer;
  • studio rental;
  • dress rental.

Each Contestant is informed individually about the maximum amount of compensation for the above services.

6.7. The Winner agrees to provide the Organizer with the documents confirming her personality before receiving the award. In case of refusal to provide the documents or a discrepancy between the ID and profile, the Winner forfeits the right for the prize.

7. Use of prize money and cost recovery

7.1. The maximum leverage on the prize account is 1:100.

7.2. The maximum amount of profit available for withdrawal from a trading account equals a double amount of the prize sum.

7.3. The winners agree that after any withdrawal is made, the prize is cancelled in full amount, except the case described in paragraph 7.4.

7.4. Cost recovery for the organization of the photoshoot is made by crediting funds to the trading accounts of the winners after providing the Organizer with the results of the photoshoot (photo and video) electronically by sending files or a cloud link to the email support@miss-instaforex-asia.com.
The funds are available for withdrawal without any limitations.
The prize will not be cancelled.

1. This amount is distributed among the winners` accounts. These funds are not subject to withdrawal. However, the profit derived with the help of the prize funds can be withdrawn without any restrictions.